My Story

Me with my inspirational music teacher Miss Whitham

Me with my inspirational music teacher Miss Whitham

I started performing from a very young age, my junior school choir in fact, whilst I gave football a go my passion was always singing, so I decided to audition for the school choir, I remember it vividly I sang “Kum Ba Yah” and my music teacher the inspirational Miss Whitham seemed suitably impressed, I passed the audition and began what was to become one of the most memorable times in my life.
Some of the kids in the choir joked about only joining the choir to be allowed to go on the Alton Towers trip, but for me the sheer joy of getting up with them and performing in front of an audience gave me such a thrill and made me feel a part of something special and the choir was certainly that, we performed all over the North West from Martin Mere to Radio Lancashire on a number of occasions.
My passion for singing followed me into high school, however we didn’t really have a choir there so I took my talents elsewhere, basically singing wherever I got the opportunity.
As the years passed by and I left school, I went from one job to another until it was time to make a decision, what did I really want to do in life?, it was an easy answer really, I wanted to sing professionally more than anything and so I began…never dreaming that one day I would be a wedding singer in the Northwest.
I had a friend who was out on the circuit who went by the name of “Big Gary”  he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes so to speak, I have a lot to thank Gary for and will always be eternally grateful, it wasn’t long before I was chomping at the bit to get my first gig under my belt, when it came I can’t tell you how nervous I was, lets just say my knees weren’t half knocking, but once it was done I never looked back!!
Initially I worked alongside the singing but when the time was right I set off on a journey that would take me to the other side of the world many times over.
I can’t tell you how many weddings I have been the wedding singer at or how many bars, birthdays or parties I have sang at over the last 13 years, but my mind boggles when I think about it,..
I get such a buzz from being a wedding entertainer, out of all the types of events that I do it’s my favourite, it’s a special feeling being a part of someone day and giving them some wedding entertainment to remember.
From time to time you will still find me singing in the odd restaurant and bar as I love to go to different places every week and entertain all kinds of different audiences, One day when I retire I’ll have plenty of stories to tell you!!
If you want why don’t you follow me on my blog and see what I have been up to or even check out my events page and come and see me at one of my public performances, it would be lovely to meet you!
For the last 5 years I have been lucky enough to work every New Years Eve at the biggest party in Hong Kong at Hong Kong FC as the compere, swing singer and also lead vocalist of party rock band Made in England, I’m still waiting for someone to come and ask me to be there wedding singer in Hong Kong though that’ll be the day!, honestly though it’s a fantastic event to be a part of and I see it as a privilege to be asked back every year., here is a testimonial from the General Manager himself as he was kind enough to write me a review of my performances over there.

Wayne has the ability to draw in his audience and almost immediately develops a strong relationship and rapport with them to the extent that some of our Members looking to go to the New Years Eve Party will only book if they know beforehand that Wayne is appearing!”
Mark Pawley
General Manager
Hong Kong FC

Well that’s me, I’m a down to earth northern lad with the ability to sing and entertain whilst remaining professional and passionate about what I do, If you decide to go ahead and book me to be your wedding singer, party singer or a singer for any other special event, I can guarantee you that you wont be disappointed!

Thanks for visiting my official website I hope you like it and maybe, just maybe I will see you soon!

Wayne x