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Archive: Mar 2013

  1. Mitton Hall Wedding for Wayne Farrow & the new Mr & Mrs Dobson

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    Wedding Singer Lancashire Wayne Farrow with the New Mr & Mrs Dobson

    Wedding Singer Lancashire Wayne Farrow with the New Mr & Mrs Dobson, images by Lottiedesign

    It’s always a pleasure to perform at a Mitton Hall Wedding and this one was extra special.
    I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Rachel, who was looking for a singer to entertain 30 guests upstairs at Mitton Hall following her return from her wedding ceremony in Mauritius with her new husband, Malcolm. As I just happened to be available that evening I was only too happy to oblige.
    A Mitton Hall Wedding is always a pleasure for me to do but this one was the first I had done in the old side of the hall.
    Upon my arrival I bumped into Charlotte, aka Lottie from Lottie Designs, she was on hand to take the photographs and a fine job she did too, I can’t wait to see them.
    The room was decorated by www.brideslittlehelper.co.uk and they did a fantastic job, just look at the picture.

    Room made up by www.brideslittlehelper.co.uk

    Room made up by www.brideslittlehelper.co.uk

    For me, as always, the star of the show has to be Dave, A Mitton Hall Wedding somehow doesn’t quite feel the same without him, Dave is the guy you turn to for any help on the evening, he runs the room, ensures everything goes to plan and he is a toastmaster extraordinaire.

    Wayne Farrow with the bride and some of her lovely guests

    Me with the bride and some of her lovely guests, image by Lottiedesign

    Guests were upstanding for the entrance into the room of the New Mr & Mrs Dobson, I set the tone by playing Frank Sinatra’s “Love & Marriage”, always one to give people a smile is that, on this occasion however everyone started singing along to it. Something inside me told me then, this is going to one of those nights!
    I had a request to sing an Andy Williams track and to dedicate it to ‘Tarzan & Jane’ – a couple of Rachel & Macolm’s guests, which I did willingly and with a smile, but for me my best moment of the evening was the room’s rendition of “Mr Blue Sky” right before the starters were brought out. Everyone was singing and midway through Dave arrived to serve 3 starters, but couldn’t hear anything above the crescendo. His face was a picture, one of amazement and disbelief and I didn’t know whether to smile at him or run for cover, even the bride was giving it some, I loved that!

    The wedding party all behaving themselve's however that was all about to change...

    The wedding party all behaving themselve’s however that was all about to change…image by Lottiedesign

    I managed to calm things down a little during the starters but the requests kept coming in and as it turned out I was situated right next to the noisy crowd, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!There really were so many great moments during the evening, from the entrance song right through to the ladies rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA, but this is a blog and not a book so I shall leave it there, let’s just say most of the guests walked in and staggered out!

    The most important part of the evening for me is always the reaction from the bride and groom, as long as they are happy to me that’s all that really matters, and I think it’s safe to say Malcolm & Rachel, the new Mr & Mrs Dobson thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Wedding Singer North West, Wayne Farrow, Mitton Hall Wedding

    Wedding Singer North West, Wayne Farrow, Mitton Hall Wedding

    Check out the madness and see for yourself….

  2. Stirk House Hotel, Clitheroe Chamber of Trade Ball 2013

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    Stirk House Hotel, Wayne Farrow entertains

    Stirk House Hotel, Wayne Farrow entertains at The Chamber of Trade Ball pictured with Amelias Bridal

    I cant believe how quickly time flies, it doesnt seem 2 minutes since I sang at the Stirk House Hotel at the last Chamber of Trade Ball, the same evening I met David Gest and Chesney from Coronation Street, aka Sam Brown.
    Well I found myself at the Stirk House Hotel again this year and what a great night it was.
    The evening started off with a drinks reception, guests were greeted by Jo & Kelly and family from Amelias Bridal Wear whilst in the background I played some classic Buble tunes to create a lovely chilled atmosphere.
    Before we knew it, it was time to take our seats and await the speaches, from my point of view I was as always anxious to get some singing done as thats what I’m there for and its what I do best.
    Once the speeches had concluded and the starters were on the tables I took my cue and set to work singing some classic swing tracks and setting the tone for the evening.
    Believe me when I say from previous experience the attendees at this ball really know how to let there hair down and party and this year was no different. Once the meal had concluded and before the raffle I already had people on the dance floor ready to boogie, however the raffle is an improtant part of the evening as the proceeds raised as with everything at the ball goes to a worthwhile cause.
    We partied until the early hours of the morning and whilst I was there to witness everyone walk in at the beginning of the evening I was also there to witness most of them stagger out after having a great night, once again it was my pleasure to sing at the Ball and perform at the Stirk House Hotel.

    Follow the link and check out the party…

    Stirk House Hotel, Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

    Stirk House Hotel, Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

  3. The Alma Inn Colne, Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Wedding

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    The Alma Inn Colne, Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

    The Alma Inn Colne, Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow with Mr & Mrs Taylor

    I was thrilled to be asked to perform at Jenny and Phil’s wedding at The Alma Inn Colne, originally they had booked a duo for their special day but had unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances been let down, so Jenny put out a call on Face book and as it was very short notice she didn’t hold out much hope for cover at such short notice. I have played at The Alma Inn Colne on many occasions and have always had a great night as it’s a cracking place to get married and luckily for Jenny I just happened to be available to step in and give everyone a great night. As soon as Jenny put out the call on Face book she was inundated with people telling her about me, which I found fascinating and flattering, maybe it was just meant to be and as it turned out the evening turned out to be one heck of a party. I arrived early and was set up for 7:15pm, I had already arranged with Jenny & Phil prior to the day some entrance music, this is something I like to do now and then and they were quick to go for the idea, the best man and ushers first entered the room to “Phil the Power Taylor’s” entrance music followed by the bridesmaids and hens who entered the room to “where them girls at” by David Guetta, the crowd were cheering for the entrance of the bride and groom who entered the room to Florence and the machines “You got the love”, as soon as the bride and groom entered the room you could just feel the anticipation in the air for the first dance song, which on this occasion was Emili Sande’s “Beneath Your Beautiful”. The night went on from there and turned into a fantastic night enjoyed by all, it’s always a pleasure for me being part of someone’s special day and from a professional point of view performing at a venue like The Alma Inn Colne which is one of my favorites. I’d just like to wish Jenny & Phil all the very best for the future and I hope you have a cracking time on your honeymoon.
    Check out the party

    Wedding Singer in Clitheroe Wayne Farrow

    The Alma Inn Colne, Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

  4. Wedding singer in Burnley, Wayne Farrow & Bank of Dave

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    Rebecca Hanlon & David FishwickLast night saw the airing of the 3rd Episode of Bank on Dave, David Fishwick the Burnley entrepreneur who is singlehandedly trying to change the UK’s banking system and I have to say is doing a very good job of changing the minds of the people in charge.
    Burnley through and through Dave has built himself up from a DJ in Kavos to a Multi Millionaire, through his mini bus buisness and various other ventures.
    I met Dave during the filming of the latest episode when he helped out local bridalwear shop owner Sarah from Crystal Eternity.
    The Grand opening of the new wedding shop on Keirby walk in Burnley not only played host to David Fishwick and a channel 4 film crew but also Big Brother’s Rebecca Hannon and The Best Local Wedding Singer in Burnley yes you guessed it, me!! 😉
    I was asked to help open the shop and sing some laid back tunes as potential brides and the general public gave the shop a once over.
    I was aided by my eldest daughter Mya who was on hand to help out with any little jobs and show her daddy a few dance moves, as it just happened when the show aired we were highlighted on a couple of occasions boogieing away.
    Mya was thrilled to meet David and Becci and they in turn responded to her and had some lovely pictures with her.
    All in all it was a lovely day made even more special by spending it with my daughter and enabling her to play a little part in a channel 4 TV show.
    I think David Fishwick can be proud of what he has done and is doing for Burnley and it was a pleasure to meet him and Rebecca.
    Also a big thank you to Sarah for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the a grand opening x

    Check it out here…

    Wedding Singer in Burnley

    Wayne Farrow

    Wedding Singer Burnley | Blackburn | Lancashire

    Wedding Singer Burnley Blackburn Lancashire