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Archive: Feb 2014

  1. Burnley Amateur Boxing Club Presents HOMECOMING

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    Over the Valentines period  I did something a little different for me, I sang in a boxing ring!
    Yes you read that right a boxing ring, not only did I sing but I made my debut as a ring announcer.

    I’ve found out over the last few years that I seem to have an ability to turn my hand to anything, so when Wayne Bennett from Burnley Amateur Boxing Club asked me to do this event I jumped at the opportunity.

    Now anybody who knows me will tell you that I love my Mixed Martial Arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship,  they will also tell you that I am the biggest softie walking the face of the earth, that said I appreciate all the hard work that goes into being fighter, whether that’s a Boxer or Mixed Martial Artiste.

    Let me tell you about the memorable moments from the evening, during the dinner service I had the opportunity to sing in the middle of the boxing ring, I’ve never done this before, though I’ve been in the boxing ring many times over the years it has never been to sing, I loved it, the atmosphere was great and the audience were great to work with and think about it, if anyone would’ve heckled me then I could have invited them into the ring with me for a chat haha.

    Another moment was when we brought the boxers from Burnley Amateur Boxing Club  out to introduce them to the audience, in true Rocky style they the door opened, the spotlight came on and out walked the team fronted by Wayne Bennett to the Rocky theme “Gonna fly now”, Brilliant!

    Then came the moment when I had to introduce the evening, honestly I have never been as nervous, this was simply down to the fact that I knew what was to come, I couldn’t make a single mistake, but I did it as I always seem to do without a problem.

    The bouts on the evening didn’t disappoint either, fast and furious is a fairly good description.

    Each and every bout on the night was superb with each boxer showing heart, determination, control and above all, respect.
    I would like to wish the club and all the boxers, the very best for the future and I’m proud to have been asked to be involved in future events.

    I have put together a few pics for you so that can get a sense of the atmosphere of the occasion.

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  2. The Most Welcoming Reception

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    No one wants to have to organise their big day only to later discover that things go haywire at the last minute; as this could prove to be the straw which broke the camel’s back as far as your sanity is concerned. You have spent months upon months planning everything down to the tiniest detail, so if anything went wrong then it would be an unmitigated disaster. Some people find it incredibly hard getting their affairs in order before the ceremony and have to seek assistance from those closest to them; hence the input of bridesmaids, ushers, mother and father-in-laws (occasionally) and; of course; your parents. Even though you have grown up and flown the nest there are always times when you need their help; especially when it comes to matters relating to finances, D.I.Y. and general home improvements. They know the most reliable and affordable plumber, electrician, handyman, joiner and roofer in the local phonebook and can haggle and barter with the best of them to get the price down to a reasonable tariff.

    These may seem like rather boring and trivial tasks to undertake; but once they are completed you can get on with concentrating on making your nuptials unforgettable; an event which will be treasured and cherished for years to come. And hiring the right wedding singer in the North West should be top on your list of priorities, along with securing the most flattering and glamorous dress, finding dashing suits for the groom and his best men and carefully arranging the flowers at the church and reception so that they look truly spectacular. A wedding singer in the North West should always make sure that you are the centre of attention, as you have thought about your first dance for as long as you remember; which is why you should trust Wayne Farrow 100% when it comes to putting on a show-stopping performance. He is the most professional and sought after wedding singer in Manchester, due to his suave, sophisticated demeanour and stylish appearance and will don the most dapper of outfits to add a sense of occasion to your special evening. This wedding singer in Manchester knows all the tricks of the trade and guarantees that your guests have the time of their lives; so why not give him a call on 07818 088 865 and have a chat about when he is available?

  3. Let the Celebrations Commence!

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    Preparing a speech can be rather a daunting and terrifying notion; especially when you do not have the requisite information at your disposal. Of course, you have to make sure that it is peppered with hilarious anecdotes about the groom but cannot be too risqué, as there will be elderly relatives present at the ceremony so you should always keep things on the more reserved side. It is all well and good telling humorous stories if they are not offensive and smutty, as this will please all parties and raise a chuckle or two amongst the throng of esteemed guests which you have invited along to this momentous, life-changing occasion.

    The speech is not the only thing which you have to get spot on, as there are so many small things to organise before the big day; such as travel to and from the venue, menu choices and specific dietary requirements and the décor and decoration of the reception room. Maybe you have plumped for pink and purple hues or instead have chosen creams, charcoal greys and dusky indigo tones to add a sophisticated, elegant ambiance. It is entirely up to you as it gives you the chance to express your individuality and wow your nearest and dearest with your excellent taste.

    However, the question still lies unanswered as to whether or not you should go for a wedding singer in the North West, or else decide to book a swing ensemble, Beatles tribute band or even hire a DJ to spin some funky dance floor classics. Wayne Farrow has been inundated with enquiries of late, as he makes sure that that a number of genres are covered so everyone is kept happy. This professional wedding singer in the North West can belt out some golden oldies, as well as some more current hits as he has such an extensive and diverse range of material under his belt which has been carefully rehearsed down to the very final note.

    A wedding singer in Manchester has to stay one step ahead of the competition and offer something a little different to their contemporaries if they are to be considered a viable alternative to the more traditional jazz combo; which is no easy feat by anyone’s standards. And there is no one more experienced and talented than this fantastic wedding singer in Manchester, as he has everything you could possibly require to guarantee that your celebrations are memorable and unforgettable for all the right reasons. Just give Wayne Farrow a quick call today on 07818 088 865 if you want to discuss matters in further detail.

  4. Hong Kong Football Club New Year’s Eve Party 2013

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    Another year gone and another fantastic show at Hong Kong Football Club done.
    Yes it was my pleasure to once again play my part in possibly the biggest private party in Hong Kong!
    Every New Year is memorable but imagine being flown across the world to sing on every New Year’s Eve for the last 6 years, I still pinch myself to this day every time I arrive at the venue.
    There was certainly something in the air this year, as the audience were simply amazing!
    The old saying goes “you’re only as good as your audience” and believe me they were on fire.
    Over the last few years I have become quite familiar with a few of the faces at the show and yes once again most on them were out in force, even trying to encourage me to let loose and join in the party, however I had to remain professional throughout, not because I don’t like a tipple, but mainly because I would forget my words onstage and we couldn’t be having that now could we.
    Here are some images for you and the odd video to check out so that you too can soak up the atmosphere!

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  5. A Memorable, Momentous Occasion

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    The vast majority of us have already decided where we are going to hold our nuptials and are determined to have the time of our lives; come rain or shine. Depending on when you choose to get hitched; it is more than likely that you will have to erect a marquee or hold the reception indoors if you are planning a winter du, but summer showers are also commonplace, so you need to be prepared for any possibilities as far as the weather forecast is concerned and make sure that your guests wear the appropriate attire. No one wants to have to trudge through the mud in their high heels in order to arrive at the venue dishevelled and unkempt, as you have spent an absolute fortune on your outfit and have to maintain a cool, calm and collected demeanour; especially since you have to make a speech in the middle of the ceremony. The bride has entrusted you with one of the most important duties of the entire day, so you need to rehearse thoroughly to make sure that you get things spot on first time.

    It is also important to book the finest wedding singer in Lancashire in the entire region if you are getting hitched this year, as this guarantees that everyone has a fantastic time. The reason why you should consider a wedding singer Lancashire as opposed to a more generic covers combo, jazz ensemble or swingin’ 60’s Beatles tribute band is because it is a little bit different and original, whilst adding so much to the atmosphere. And Wayne Farrow will no doubt entertain all of your guests, as he is charming and suave and has such a varied repertoire of material under his belt. This wedding singer in Manchester has played at countless establishments across the region and his diary is always full, due to the fact that he is a soulful and passionate performer who always does his best to ensure that everyone is entertained. If you are looking for the most dedicated, passionate and professional wedding singer in Manchester, then give him a call today on 07818 088 865 and he will notify you of any available slots and answer all of your questions in more succinct detail.

  6. Make Sure that Everything Goes According to Plan

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    What would you do if you suddenly found out that the florist which you had pinned your hopes on decided to pull out at the very last minute due to other commitments and could not arrange a spectacular display before you walk down the aisle? Or alternatively; you may discover that your beautiful vintage car had failed its MOT and you need to seek a replacement ASAP, as you cannot arrive at the ceremony in a clapped-out old banger instead of a marvellous Merc, beautiful BMW or resplendent Rolls; complete with exquisite furnishings and a sleek, smooth exterior. Even those who do not own a vehicle will no doubt appreciate the craftsmanship which goes into the design and production of classic automobiles, as every square inch has been lovingly constructed from only the finest materials, and the superior quality of the finished product is unmistakeable. There is so much to do and so little time to get everything organised once your big day approaches; so you had better get cracking if you are still debating about whether to hire a professional wedding singer in Lancashire, or instead opt for a covers band, DJ or even a full 12-piece jazz ensemble.

    Well; maybe Wayne Farrow can help persuade you to make an informed and wise decision when you have a chat with him on the 9th February at Bolton School? It might seem like rather an unusual venue for a wedding singer Lancashire to showcase their talents; but we guarantee that this wedding fair will be a complete success and you will be able to pick up some essential last-minute bargains if you choose to attend this unmissable event. Even those who do not want to be the centre of attention and have opted for a quiet, refined ceremony will be bowled over by this wonderful wedding singer in Manchester, as Wayne has enough tricks up his sleeve to impress the fussiest bride or groom-to-be.

    Some people do not want to make a big song and dance (excuse the pun) about the fact that they are getting hitched, whilst others want to shout it from the rooftops and wear the glitziest, most glamorous dress they can find. After all, you only get married once in your lifetime (unless you are prone to indecisiveness and have a tendency to change your mind every five minutes) so you have to make sure that this momentous occasion goes exactly to plan. A wedding singer in Manchester must be versatile, well-versed in a range of styles and be able to effortlessly switch from smooth jazz tunes to more up-tempo, jaunty numbers as this ensures that all parties are satisfied.

    So why don’t you pop along to Bolton this Sunday and have a quick discussion with this uber-talented and friendly wedding singer in the North West? For more information all you need to do is either get in touch with him via email at info@waynefarrow.co.uk or give him a quick call on 07818 088 865 and he will be more than happy to answer any queries which you may have.