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Archive: Sep 2014

  1. The Importance of Wedding Entertainment

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    The Importance of Wedding Entertainment

    For a happy couple the wedding day is going to be a great opportunity to unite family and friends. Even though the event can be a grand opus, there is one aspect that many people forget to include, or don’t really know how to furnish and that’s entertainment. There are a lot of different reasons why this is an important aspect of the day, and it becomes very interesting when you look at a few elements that need to be addressed in the planning. Whether you need something for the pre-wedding moments or you want something for the reception, Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire is important.

    The Dancing Element

    First and foremost, you will want to have a dance at the wedding. Whether or not you have a grand display, or you want something a bit more modest, you will find that there is something grand that occurs when you have the right entertainment source to illustrate your love. For instance, if you hire a wedding singer, you could have your song sung by a professional that will set the mood for that first, romantic dance as a newly married couple.

    The Celebration

    After the nuptials are made, and everyone is celebrating the union of two individuals, the reception will prove to be a party in many cases. It’s for that reason that you should look into hiring a good entertainment source, as you will be able to get moving forward with the party. Whether you have a full-scale dance hall, or you have something a bit more modest, you’ll find that there is something grand when you explore good music, and eclectic entertainment sources.

    Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

    The Cost Element

    While it’s important to have a good deal of entertainment for a wedding ceremony, costs do come into the picture. You’ll find that a professional grade singer will trump most other options in terms of cost, and performance. Whether you want to keep the song selection within certain parameters, or you want to give them free range, you’ll find that there’s a certain professional that comes within this world that is worth exploring on a deeper element. As far as costs are concerned, however, this is a great solution. For packages and information on what Wayne Farrow can provide click here.

    Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire

  2. The Best Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire for your wedding

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    Selecting The Best Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire For Your Wedding – Hiring A Wedding Singer

    When it comes to weddings, there is one aspect that most people have a hard time agreeing on and that’s the entertainment. Regardless of the option, you’ll find that everyone has an opinion on what is best and what isn’t. One option that comes up at the top of nearly every list, even though some will debate, is the mighty wedding singer option. This is one option that is not only going to be entertaining, but could also be very romantic to say the least. If you’re leaning towards hiring a wedding singer, then you’ll definitely want to take a few tips for narrowing down your search today.

    Look Locally (Online)

    The first thing that you can do is start your search on the web. You’ll find that you can get a lot of information just with a quick search for the best wedding singer in your area. Search terms like wedding entertainment Lancashire, or something similar and you’ll find that there are some options to explore. It’s important to look for options starting on the web, as that’s where you will find the most listings.

    Look For A Portfolio

    The best singers have media and a lot of different pieces of information that will make the decision process easier. If you run into a site that doesn’t have any sort of information as to how you can determine if they’ll be a good fit or not, then you don’t want to proceed with them. Planning a wedding is hard enough, so making this decision easier only shows that a singer cares for potential clients by giving them the right pieces to the puzzle.

    Diversity of Plans

    One thing to consider is looking into the realm of options that any particular singer has. The best wedding singers in the industry will be flexible in terms of entertainment options. Look for singers that can work with not only giving you a live set, but also give you a free dj service, and can help with master of ceremonies and more. The more diverse your wedding entertainment options are, the better things are going to be in the long term, guaranteed.

    For those that are looking at singers in the UK, you’ll definitely want to look into the options being presented by waynefarrow.co.uk. You’ll find that the aforementioned is exemplified throughout, and perhaps will shine light on why it’s so imperative to have good entertainment for your special event.

    Wedding Singer Wayne Farrow

    Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire


  3. Cycling Through The Best Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire

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    Cycling Through The Best Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire

    There’s something grand that occurs when two people love each other enough to get married. For some this is a grandiose event, and for others it’s a matter of simplicity and modesty. Regardless of how you view the ceremony and event, there is one thing that is definitely worth exploring on a deeper level, and that’s the entertainment. A wedding without entertainment can turn into a somewhat drab and boring affair. It’s for that reason that you will want to cycle through some of the common options in hopes of finding the right solution moving forward.

    A DJ

    Some people want to get a DJ and that’s fine, it’s a good option, albeit somewhat impersonal. Some people may even opt to putting a playlist together and allowing it to play through the speaker set up a dancehall or whatever venue has been selected for moving forward within this world. The cost versus personality ratio is a bit off when looking into this route, but there are some options that can be entertaining.

    Bartle Hall Wedding, Wayne Farrow

    Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire


    A Band

    Finding a good wedding band can be tough, especially one that is going to be cost effective and available for your date. This is a good option in terms of entertainment as a whole, but you’ll find that the song quality, selection, and costs can rise exponentially depending on how many members the band has. There’s nothing wrong with a band, especially if you know of friends that are in one, but make sure that you trust them with the big opportunity. In saying all that I will be offering my very own Live Backing Band form 2015 onwards, for pricing and info click here.

    A Wedding Singer

    Perhaps the most flexible and all encompassing solution is that of a wedding singer. It’s part jukebox, part band, and when you get the right person, a complete ball of fun. Wedding singers can bring a great sense of entertainment to your wedding and when the time is right also bring in a bit of romance. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a classic romantic song from the past. Just think about the icons of romance and music, you’ll find that there are some incredible voices from the past that fit well within the entertainment options of today.

    Briars Hall Hotel Wedding

    Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire


    The wedding entertainment in Lancashire option matters greatly. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, consider a wedding singer that can combine several components and packages for you. For instance, you’ll find that some of the best singers will have a variety of packages to suit your needs. In the UK, you’ll find that singers like Wayne Farrow, can help you make your wedding incredibly special.

    Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire

  4. 3 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Singer

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    3 Benefits of Hiring A Wedding Singer

    Every year millions of couples will tie the knot for better or for worse. There is a beauty that comes to the world of weddings, and you’ll find that with every ceremony, there are a few things that stand out. Amidst the many standouts that people will talk about for years to come is the entertainment. If you don’t have good entertainment, you’re going to have a lot of guests twiddling their thumbs, bored, and looking for an escape. It’s for that reason that you may want to look into the greater good that comes from hiring a wedding singer.

    Samlesbury Hall Wedding, Wayne Farrow


    Real Entertainment

    There’s nothing wrong with having a DJ, but if you’re honest with yourself, there’s nothing really interactive with that sort of element. Anyone can hit play and let the sounds go through the speakers. There’s not a whole lot that can be done with that, and at the end of the day, you’ll be spending quite a bit for this option. In comparison to live, in person entertainment that comes from the vocals of a good singer, a DJ is not going to live up to the real entertainment that comes through hiring a professional.

    Expansive Sound

    When you hire a good wedding singer, they’ll have training and delivery that will entertain and will carry through your venue. They spend their time focusing on curating the right songs, honing their craft, and entertaining the masses with a great deal of expertise. There’s something compelling about hearing a grand singer on a stage, and when you’ve hired them to make your event special, you’ll get that expansive sound that comes with their professional work.

    Browsholme Hall Wedding



    It’s Absolute Fun

    Weddings and receptions alike can be somewhat boring for some. There will be no boredom when you have a good singer on stage performing for your guests. You’ll find that few people will argue that this isn’t fun, as it is definitely a triumph. There is something that happens when you source the right entertainment, and you will see that not only will your guests be happy, but you will find yourself shaking a leg as well.

    Exploring several entertainment options is important. Without a solid entertainment option, your big event will be missing something that is quite obvious. When in doubt, just look into this option and see why a live singer will trump other solutions with relative ease.

  5. All You Need is Love

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    If you have been planning the perfect way in which to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then what better than proposing to your other half? It is the most romantic date in the calendar year and you really have to push the boat out and do something truly spectacular if you want to impress the one that you love and prove to them that you really care. It is easy to buy flowers from the garage or chocolates from the local shop, but this does not show any thought or imagination and will be met with an icy stare and a sense of disappointment. Of course; times are hard and money is tight, but you do not have to spend shedloads of cash on a flashy ceremony as the only thing that should matter is being surrounded by close friends and family members declaring your vows to cherish your future husband or wife to be until ‘death us do part.’

    Finding Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire can seem like rather a simple task; but in fact it is far more difficult than you would ever realise. You could settle upon the first wedding singer Manchester that you come across; but they may not be as professional or as charismatic as Wayne Farrow. He is always ready and willing to belt out any requests at the drop of a hat and will add class and style to your nuptials. A wedding singer North West has to be at the top of their game and be able to turn their hand to pretty much any genre of music, so their vocal style has to be as versatile as possible. If you are looking for the finest Wedding Entertainment in Lancashire, then Wayne is your man! He is not afraid to push the boundaries and go the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets into the party spirit and has a fabulous time and his friendly, approachable demeanor means that he instantly engages with the audience as soon as he takes to the stage.

    If you want to find out when he is available and secure a booking then all you have to do is get in touch with Wayne Farrow directly on 07818 088 865 or drop him a quick email at info@waynefarrow.co.uk and he will respond ASAP.