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Archive: Dec 2014

  1. Holy Saviours School in Nelson and Wayne Farrow

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    Holy Saviours School in Nelson and Wayne Farrow

    What an event this turned out to be, as you can imagine performing for 200 young people was never going to be an easy task, but easy it was and when I say young, I mean from Year R to Year 6, we didn’t really know what to expect.

    To make this little event even more special for me was that my children go to the school and would be a part of the audience.

    These kids knew how to party and from the word go they were bouncing, what a bunch of lovely, lively and enthusiastic young children.

    Even when we sang the odd tune that you wouldn’t expect them to know they didn’t care they were up for a party.

    And to make the occasion even more meaningful the children joined in to an acoustic version of “All of me” for Mrs Ellerton who is leaving the school at the end of term, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

    Here are some of the amazing reviews from the day.

    Audience participation was brilliant, they made us all jump like bouncy balls and dance like we never danced before. They also made us sing along with the songs they played –  it was like stepping into a new universe!

    Audience participation gets a tick from me!

    The atmosphere was incredible and it sounded like they blew the roof off! The floor was vibrating because of how loud the music was and it felt like a volcano had just erupted inside me!

    It was an excellent experience, I would love it to happen again! The experience for me was once in a lifetime, I have never been to a concert before but one thing for sure is that I would absolutely love to do it again!

    They ROCKED up our school. For us in the audience, I thought it was even better than being in an arena to watch bands like One Direction, Oasis etc. Lewis

    At the concert the atmosphere was incredible; people were screaming and jumping up and down like a yoyo, there were epic and exciting lights flashing in your face.

    The concerts atmosphere was ACE! Everyone was on their feet dancing – even the teachers! Everyone was so happy; we all want The Core to come back! The three words I called this experience are entertaining, wonderful and fantastic! I would rate this concert 5 out of 5!!

    When we were jumping it was like lots of bouncy balls bouncing all at the same time. I thought it was legendary. All of the classes loved it!

    The atmosphere in the hall was like a storm had just come to England. It felt like every time they played the drums my ears started to bleed. It was super loud and exciting. To be there was amazing!
    Emma S.

    It was a thrilling experience. We even bounced to the music we did not know, they sang many different genres. I wish I could listen again.

    My ratings on The Core are 100%, 10/10 and ***** five stars. The Core are literally awesome. I wish The Core could come every day. It was so GOOD!!!!

    What more do we need to say other than it was out pleasure 🙂

    Holy Saviours School in Nelson