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Archive: Jan 2015

  1. Lancashire Wedding Singer in January

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    What is it about January? Some people dread January because of the cold weather and lull after the Christmas festivities, others embrace January as they’re glad to see the back of all the hoo ha.

    Me I’m a little bit of both if I’m honest, It’s always a quiet month for events but at the same time a great month for enquiries, so I don’t complain too much, plus it’s a great time for a break and this year for the first time ever I have booked a holiday, I’m thinking that this may become a habit!

    I’m off to Egypt with Donna, my better half. I have to tell you this and don’t laugh but it does amuse me, in my daily work life I’m very organised and have to have things right, but when it comes to holidays, Donna completely takes over and I love it, I literally switch off the moment I leave our front door, Donna has everything nailed down, everything is organised in military fashion all I have to do is sheepishly follow, head down and drag the suitcases, once at the airport Donna heads for the bar and me, well I’m a bloke I’m straight into Dixon’s to check out the latest gadgets.

    Wayne Farrow in Las vegas

    Now I know that I’m going to Egypt, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you where and do I care? Not really, anywhere is going to be better than this weather at the moment. We will miss our kids like mad but we will have the sun on our backs, cocktails in hands and each other to keep company, that generally means card games on my part and daft disco dancing on Donna’s with me rolling my eyes like Leon off Gogglebox, I swear that’s me in 30 years. I love Mr Grumpy and I’m told I play the part well, I would love a night out one day with Karl Pilkington 🙂

    January for me is also a time like many to make resolutions and this year I have but three, I think this is important for everyone and they go like this:
    Surround myself with people who love and care, box off the time wasters and haters and don’t allow them into your life, we all have them. Be a great boyfriend to my partner but most importantly continue to be a great dad, my children are the greatest part of my life, yes I’m an embarrassing dad, but I feel that’s a big part of my role and a part that I love to do a lot.

    Anyway I had better get off and crack on with the day job, I’m singing this evening at a Young Farmers Dinner so I can’t hang about too long, but remember if you ever need a wedding singer or corporate event singer or even a band then give me a call and I will see what I can do for you.

    Check out my reviews always makes a lovely read.

    Happy New Year
    Lancashire Wedding Singer

  2. Hong Kong Football Club 2014

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    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Christmas & the New Year comes around and like everyone else I always eat too much especially on the chocolate front. The kids are always happy and of course Santa stops off at our house to spread his festive cheer.
    For the last 6 years Christmas has also been a time for me to prepare for my annual Hong Kong event, yes you guessed it in Hong Kong, a long way for an event I know but always a very special event to do and it takes me away from my primary role as a Wedding Singer.
    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne FarrowNow if you have ever been to Hong Kong you will know that it’s a long flight and if you’re very lucky like me you get to split it in two with a stop off at Doha for some retail therapy.

    I digress, once in Hong Kong I get a couple of days to acclimatise and then we are on, and this nice little snap is my first look at what’s to come and what I have flown 5000 miles for.

    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne FarrowThe event is Hong Kong Football Club’s New Year’s Eve Gala and is attended by 600 guests, the guests are lovely, really friendly and I have gotten to one or two over the years.
    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne Farrow

    It’s always nice to meet up with the bands that I work with for soundcheck on the day especially the London band, all true professionals who know how to work an audience with some classic and contemporary tunes.

    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne Farrow

    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne Farrow

    Before you know it it’s Showtime and time to get the party started, I warm the guests up with a little swing and classic Rat Pack tunes that everyone knows.
    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne FarrowThen it’s band time, before you know it the night is well and truly underway.
    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne Farrow

    And the New Year is upon us, whilst it’s a fantastic experience performing on the other side of the world at a brilliant event, I can’t help but miss my family at home and am always mindful of them when I’m here, as soon as I’m off stage I run to the Skype machine to let them share in the celebrations.

    Hong Kong Football Club, Wayne Farrow

    Happy New Year!!



  3. Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding with Mr & Mrs Jones

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    Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding, Wayne Farrow

    Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding

    Every now and then you meet a couple whom you just click with, really down to earth and up for a laugh.
    Francesca & John are one of those couples, they booked me for their special Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding one of the North West’s best kept secrets.
    Not only were they a lovely couple but they had some fantastic family and friends who were up for a laugh; no matter what I threw at them, they took it in their stride.
    John fancied himself as a karaoke king and was chomping at the bit to get hold of the microphone, what he didn’t realise though was not only would he get an opportunity to sing but also to dance, courtesy of a couple of his friends.
    The first dance was beautiful and the love in the air was electric, the top first dance wedding song at the moment and most popular for a while was Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.
    A cracking tune, lovely people and great family and friends, topped off with me entertaining and you had all the ingredients for a fantastic day, and it really was.
    All the very best to you both for the future x

    All the lovely images on the day were taken by Sophie Anderson Photography

    Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding, Wayne Farrow Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding, Wayne Farrow Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding, Wayne Farrow Lancashire manor Hotel Wedding, Mr Jones Rocking! Lancashire Manor Hotel Wedding, Wayne arrow Lancashire manor Hotel, Wedding