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  1. Choosing the right Wedding Entertainment

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    Wedding Entertainment, Wedding planning – so many exciting and important decisions to make. A couples first thoughts will be when and where; a date and a venue; then the bride will move on to the dress and the bridesmaids. Wedding entertainment will usually be last on the list, after all it’s only music right? But think about weddings and parties you’ve been to in the past, what are your lasting memories? Dancing to your favourite songs with your friends, watching newlyweds sharing a truly magical moment during their first dance? Or heaven forbid, sitting around a table tapping your fingers gazing at an empty dancefloor while your partner yawns because the DJ is playing all the wrong songs?

    So how do you get the wedding entertainment right?

    Wedding Entertainment

    Wedding Entertainment

    Do your research. Music can be the key to creating the kind of atmosphere you want so find out what’s on offer. There may be entertainment available that you have never thought of. For example, are you used to wedding breakfasts where you sit down for a three course meal and chat to the people nearby in between courses….well what about turning that on it’s head and creating a party atmosphere from the get-go?

    You don’t always have to stick to tradition you know. Having a charismatic wedding singer at your wedding breakfast interacting and entertaining in between the courses could be just the thing to wow your guests and make an otherwise lull in the day a high point.

    If you have a singer or a band in mind, check out their website and their social media ages. Many will have a Facebook page which will include reviews from past clients and wedding guests – this is an excellent place for building up a picture of the kind of service you will receive from your wedding entertainer.

    “Oh it’s OK, our venue has a resident DJ”

    Don’t just assume the venues resident DJ will be right for you. Find out who it will be, look for videos of their work on YouTube, or Facebook reviews from previous clients. What is their equipment like? Do they have the right version of your first dance song? Will they introduce it right and make sure everyone in the room is involved and knows that it’s happening? You don’t want your guests missing an important photo opportunity. Do they provide lighting to change the atmosphere of the room from day to night? What time do they play until? What time will the venue allow them to play until? Will they charge extra after a certain time?

    Wedding Entertainment

    Wedding Entertainment

    Book Early.

    It’s not like choosing flowers, invitations or cakes where there is an endless production line. When you’ve found the wedding entertainment you want, remember there may only one of them and any good ones will get snapped up quickly – don’t miss out.

    Talk to your wedding entertainer

    It is really important to get to know your wedding singer or DJ before the big day and for them to get to know you. Let them know what kind of music you like, what kind of music you don’t like, but be careful not to be too specific, remember there will be an eclectic music taste from all your guests too, you don’t want to pigeon hole them. Are there any songs that shouldn’t be played which would sombre the mood? Are there any songs which have a particular meaning to you and your partner/your group of friends/your family? Are there any songs that you have a special dance to? Are there memorable moment songs from the Hen and Stag nights?

    Think about the positioning of your singer at your wedding breakfast and your DJ at your evening reception discuss this with your entertainer to make sure they have the right space for their equipment and that they are positioned correctly to be able to do their job properly – don’t be bullied by the venue – remember, you are the boss!

    Liaise with your photographer/videographer too when talking about the wedding entertainment. There may be magical moments created at key parts in the day and you wouldn’t want them to be missed because the photographer was on a break, so make sure they know about them.


    You need to feel comfortable with the wedding entertainer you have chosen and remember, they are there to add to your day not to take over.

    Wedding Entertainment

  2. Cheshire Weddings

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    Cheshire weddings, are you planning one? Here in the North West we are so lucky to be closely surrounded by some stunning areas. The Lake District with its breath-taking scenery, Lancashire with its historical stately homes, Manchester and Liverpool with vibrant city views, but when you are thinking about where to get married, the stunning county of Cheshire offers some amazing wedding venues. If you want the breath-taking views, you can find them here, if you want the historical stately homes, you can find them here, and if you want the city vibe, then Yes, you can find it here!

    Cheshire Weddings

    Cheshire Weddings

    As a seasoned wedding singer, Cheshire weddings venues are amongst some of my favourites, but when choosing for yourself remember to do your research and make sure the area and the venue is right for you and your wedding. The rich and famous residents of Alderley Edge and Wilmslow in the North of the county could be watching you arrive. You could be surrounded by ancient Roman architecture in the city of Chester to the West while the south could offer you a Gothic castle in the village of Peckforton. The there is Knutsford to the East which could bring a host of chocolate box villages and hamlets to your shortlist.

    Cheshire Weddings

    Cheshire Weddings

    With so many options available, narrowing them down can seem like a daunting task so you need to really think about what you want from a wedding venue. The venue you pick will determine how many guests you can invite, and will need to fit in with your theme and styling, but don’t forget to consider the location. The surroundings may be idyllic but will your guests be able to get there. You may want to consider whether you want exclusive use of the venue, especially if it is a relatively small place.


    Before you book, ask to meet the venue’s wedding co-ordinator, and make sure you get on. A good tip is to find online reviews to check that they are reliable and will be on hand and contactable to answer any questions you may have. When I am booked to sing at a wedding, liaising with the wedding co-ordinator is one of my priorities, and a good one can make the difference between you feeling stressed and nervous on the run up to your wedding, or you feeling completely chilled out and just excited to say “I do”.