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  1. A Las Vegas Wedding

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    A Las Vegas Wedding

    Vegas – Love it or Hate it?

    Bright Light City

    Vegas…..if you’ve never been you will have you perceptions of ‘the fabulous Las Vegas’ – you will either imagine that you’ll love it or hate it. My girlfriend thought she would hate it – she thought it would be a superficial playground with no soul, but she humoured me and agreed to join me on my dream trip to celebrate a big birthday and spend 10 nights on The Strip. Let me tell you, she didn’t need ten nights to be convinced that it was the best place in the world – she was bowled over in less than one!

    Neon Flashin’
    So, my first point is to be open minded. Yes it is over the top, yes it is ostentatious, but it makes no apologies for any of the above and it flashes its bright lights in your face from the word go. Whatever your taste and style, you can bet your bottom dollar you will find something to suit you in Vegas. If you want the kitsch vintage wedding there are the famous wedding chapels – from the ‘drive-thru’ window to the Elvis impersonator officiating your vows. There are so many to choose from with so many themes, and what’s more they are steeped in celebrity history; every one having a story about a famous face from the past walking down their aisle – and you can become part of this!

    A Las Vegas Wedding

    A Las Vegas Wedding

    Turning Day into Night-time

    Whilst the above is the image that comes to everyone’s mind when they imagine a Vegas wedding, this is by no means the only option. The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Wynn, the Aria, The Venetian – these are just a handful of the stunning luxurious hotels which all have wedding licenses and can offer you opulent beautiful ceremonies with breath taking photo opportunities.

    If you see it once, you’ll never be the same again

    A Las Vegas Wedding

    A Las Vegas Wedding

    So whatever your wish for your wedding day, Vegas can make it come true. But your ceremony is just a small part of your special day. The beauty of Vegas is that while you’re walking on air feeling like you’re in a dream marrying your perfect partner, you will also be submerged into the surreal atmosphere which Las Vegas effortlessly provides. The entertainment on offer is top class and the choice is endless – what better way to celebrate your nuptials than a delicious meal in a top class restaurant with a view of the Strip at night situated right in the same hotel you’ve enjoyed your dream ceremony, then on to a mesmerizing show performed by a world-renowned talent?

    So my final point is this: Viva Las Vegas! Oh, and if you should be in need of a wedding singer to be in Vegas with you to make it that bit more special, you know who to call 😉