A Good Old-Fashioned Knees-Up

If you are planning to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style then you will probably be thinking along the lines of donning a rather fetching green hat, indulging in a few jars of the ‘black stuff’ and dancing the night away with close friends and family members; full of Colcannon and camaraderie. Even though you are not actually 100% Irish you have ventured to the country on countless occasions and visited the capital for stag do’s, large group outings and romantic sojourns with your other half; so you can still get into the spirit of things and pretend that you are a born-and-bred Dubliner once a year. And your distant relatives hail from a tiny village just outside the walled city of Derry, which means that there is some sort of hereditary connection there at least!

If you have been thinking about planning a wedding overseas, then have you considered how expensive it can be when costs mount up and you eventually work out how much everything will amount to at the end of the day? It could be incredibly pricey and may mean that you have to take out yet another loan and max out your credit card once again; which is the last thing you want if you are intending to splash out on the honeymoon of a lifetime. There are so many things to consider when organising your nuptials and you simply cannot afford to leave anything to chance, as even the smallest items on the ‘to do’ list make all of the difference. Imagine if the flowers were mismatched or your veil was torn and damaged when it arrived at your door. It would spoil what is supposed to be the happiest, most wonderful moment of your life and make a happy occasion a little less joyful.

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