A tale of inspiration from The Oaks Hotel in Burnley

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of singing for the new Mr & Mrs Young on their Wedding day at The Oaks Hotel in Burnley.

Prior to the day I was tipped off that there would be a very special guest in attendance, none other than my first choir teacher Miss Whitham.

I have always had fond memories of Miss Whitham, as far as I’m concerned she was the reason I got into singing in the first place. I remember it well – my first audition for Rosehill Junior School Choir, Miss Whitham sat at the piano and there was me, standing by it feeling terrified. By the end of the audition and after giving it my best, Miss Whitham told me that I was in! I was ecstatic and returned to the playing fields to inform my friends.

For me Miss Whitham was the choir, her enthusiasm and passion inspired me to be the best I could. Whilst a lot of the choir only joined to get on the Alton Towers trip, I most certainly joined to be a part of something special.

Mr & Mrs Young and their family had been good friends with Miss Whitham for many years and they did a stirling job of keeping the fact that I was singing at their wedding a secret.
When Miss Whitham arrived I politey introduced myself and asked if I could borrow her for a moment, it took a few seconds for her to recognise me and she gave me a huge hug. She is still the same bundle of joy to this day, and I have to say it was emotional. Miss Whitham couldn’t believe it and we had a great chat, I presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a couple of CDs and pictures of Rosehill school choir circa 1983. I also dedicated a song to her which she loved, we have decided to keep in touch and most certainly not let another 30 years go by before we meet again, and despite her reminding me that she has a first name, I should call her Brenda, however to me she will always be Miss Whitham.