Burnley Amateur Boxing Club Presents HOMECOMING

Over the Valentines period  I did something a little different for me, I sang in a boxing ring!

Yes you read that right a boxing ring, not only did I sing but I made my debut as a ring announcer.

I’ve found out over the last few years that I seem to have an ability to turn my hand to anything, so when Wayne Bennett from Burnley Amateur Boxing Club asked me to do this event I jumped at the opportunity.

Now anybody who knows me will tell you that I love my Mixed Martial Arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship,  they will also tell you that I am the biggest softie walking the face of the earth, that said I appreciate all the hard work that goes into being fighter, whether that’s a Boxer or Mixed Martial Artiste.

Let me tell you about the memorable moments from the evening, during the dinner service I had the opportunity to sing in the middle of the boxing ring, I’ve never done this before, though I’ve been in the boxing ring many times over the years it has never been to sing, I loved it, the atmosphere was great and the audience were great to work with and think about it, if anyone would’ve heckled me then I could have invited them into the ring with me for a chat haha.

Another moment was when we brought the boxers from Burnley Amateur Boxing Club  out to introduce them to the audience, in true Rocky style they the door opened, the spotlight came on and out walked the team fronted by Wayne Bennett to the Rocky theme “Gonna fly now”, Brilliant!

Then came the moment when I had to introduce the evening, honestly I have never been as nervous, this was simply down to the fact that I knew what was to come, I couldn’t make a single mistake, but I did it as I always seem to do without a problem.

The bouts on the evening didn’t disappoint either, fast and furious is a fairly good description.

Each and every bout on the night was superb with each boxer showing heart, determination, control and above all, respect.
I would like to wish the club and all the boxers, the very best for the future and I’m proud to have been asked to be involved in future events.

I have put together a few pics for you so that can get a sense of the atmosphere of the occasion.

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