Eaves Hall Wedding for Craig & Cally


Today sees me being the wedding singer in Lancashire at Eaves Halll, Clitheroe, for the wedding of the soon to be Mr & Mrs Youngs.
I met Craig & Cally at Mitton Hall near Whalley at a wedding fayre some time ago and recently had a chat with them at The Emporium in Clitheroe, just to finalise things.
For the first dance at their wedding they decided to go with “Halo” by Beyonce, the mere mention of me singing a Beyonce song rang alarm bells, haha I was thinking “Single Ladies” or “Crazy in love” and wondered how I was gonna pull this off however after listening to Halo I breathed a huge sigh of relief!!.
It just goes to show how small the world is when Craig mentioned to me that he actually has the bumper from my car on his?, when he explained further it turns out he worked in a garage that wrote my car off a couple of years ago after an accident, he said he liked the “look of my bumper so its now pride of place in his car”..?.hilarious I think today is going to be interesting, anyways I had better dash and get ready.

Speak later folks x

Well ladies and gentlemen say hello to the new Mr & Mrs Youngs, the wedding day went exactly as planned and a great evening was had by all.

Craig & Cally decided on the Beyonce song “Halo” and also put a couple of requests in such as “Dakota” and “Chasing cars” into the mix which I was only happy to oblige with as I love singing them.

Congratulations to you both and all the very best for the future!!….