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Groom Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips for The Groom


Wedding Planning – A Man’s Choice

Weddings – a girl’s domain – something most of them have dreamed of since they were a little girl,

leave them to it….right? Wrong – it’s your day too, so don’t let tradition rule your opinion out. You

might actually enjoy it. And whilst you might not care about the choice of peony or orchid for the

bridal bouquet, or tulle or vintage lace for the bridesmaid dresses, you will care about having a say in

the colour scheme as this will impact on your attire, you will want things at the wedding which will

have your personal stamp on it, and you will care about you and your guests having a good time.


Plan Together

I can be speaking to couples right up to the ceremony and it’s always great to have input from the

groom then on the big day to see the culmination of the planning creating a day of celebrations

which represents both parties in the couple.


The Speech

Nowadays it’s all to easy to “Google” the speech, or search on YouTube for some great helpful tips, this is

all well and good but the speech also needs to be personal and from the heart, yes you can throw in a

funny story here and there, but never forget to tell your new wife how much you love her, what she means

to you and how important today is to you, Let her know how happy you are to be a part of her family and to

welcome her into yours, and how much you look forward to starting your very own little family together



Real Life

One very happy couple I know – Jennie and Paul – are currently in the final stages of organising their

Yorkshire wedding which will be happening in August. Paul was eager to create a day which

represented both Jennie and himself and has immersed himself in the wedding planning…..and to his

surprise, he’s loved it – here’s what he had to say:


Which parts of the wedding has it been important for you to make decisions on?

“I think it’s really important to be involved in all decisions – definitely not the dress though. The

general consensus is that the wedding is more for the bride, but why would a man just want to turn

up at the time allocated and not want to be involved in all of the preparation?”


Have you enjoyed the planning?

“The planning has been really good, mainly because you’re doing it with your wife to be, and let’s be

fair, you’re in bother if you don’t want to do things together when you’re just months away from the

wedding. I can remember choosing some ribbon and getting a buzz because it was just what we



Are there any parts of the wedding that you are leaving solely to Jennie?

“I can’t wait to see Jennie walk down the aisle because I have no idea about the dress and the hair,

but I’m certain my heart will skip a beat.”


What have you taken away from your experience of wedding planning?

“Just the general feeling of being part of the most special day of our lives and knowing we BOTH

have made it special.”

I have a feeling Paul & Jennie will have an amazing wedding – all the best guys.


 Get Cracking

So lads, I hope you’ve been inspired to crack on and get involved…now the trick is to impart your

opinion without rowing so pick your battles carefully, and above all have fun. Let’s do this!


Groom Wedding Tips

Groom Wedding Tips