Make Sure that Everything Goes According to Plan

What would you do if you suddenly found out that the florist which you had pinned your hopes on decided to pull out at the very last minute due to other commitments and could not arrange a spectacular display before you walk down the aisle? Or alternatively; you may discover that your beautiful vintage car had failed its MOT and you need to seek a replacement ASAP, as you cannot arrive at the ceremony in a clapped-out old banger instead of a marvellous Merc, beautiful BMW or resplendent Rolls; complete with exquisite furnishings and a sleek, smooth exterior. Even those who do not own a vehicle will no doubt appreciate the craftsmanship which goes into the design and production of classic automobiles, as every square inch has been lovingly constructed from only the finest materials, and the superior quality of the finished product is unmistakeable. There is so much to do and so little time to get everything organised once your big day approaches; so you had better get cracking if you are still debating about whether to hire a professional wedding singer in Lancashire, or instead opt for a covers band, DJ or even a full 12-piece jazz ensemble.

Well; maybe Wayne Farrow can help persuade you to make an informed and wise decision when you have a chat with him on the 9th February at Bolton School? It might seem like rather an unusual venue for a wedding singer Lancashire to showcase their talents; but we guarantee that this wedding fair will be a complete success and you will be able to pick up some essential last-minute bargains if you choose to attend this unmissable event. Even those who do not want to be the centre of attention and have opted for a quiet, refined ceremony will be bowled over by this wonderful wedding singer in Manchester, as Wayne has enough tricks up his sleeve to impress the fussiest bride or groom-to-be.

Some people do not want to make a big song and dance (excuse the pun) about the fact that they are getting hitched, whilst others want to shout it from the rooftops and wear the glitziest, most glamorous dress they can find. After all, you only get married once in your lifetime (unless you are prone to indecisiveness and have a tendency to change your mind every five minutes) so you have to make sure that this momentous occasion goes exactly to plan. A wedding singer in Manchester must be versatile, well-versed in a range of styles and be able to effortlessly switch from smooth jazz tunes to more up-tempo, jaunty numbers as this ensures that all parties are satisfied.

So why don’t you pop along to Bolton this Sunday and have a quick discussion with this uber-talented and friendly wedding singer in the North West? For more information all you need to do is either get in touch with him via email at or give him a quick call on 07818 088 865 and he will be more than happy to answer any queries which you may have.