Mitton Hall Wedding for Wayne Farrow & the new Mr & Mrs Dobson

It’s always a pleasure to perform at a Mitton Hall Wedding and this one was extra special.

I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Rachel, who was looking for a singer to entertain 30 guests upstairs at Mitton Hall following her return from her wedding ceremony in Mauritius with her new husband, Malcolm. As I just happened to be available that evening I was only too happy to oblige.

A Mitton Hall Wedding is always a pleasure for me to do but this one was the first I had done in the old side of the hall.

Upon my arrival I bumped into Charlotte, aka Lottie from Lottie Designs, she was on hand to take the photographs and a fine job she did too, I can’t wait to see them.

The room was decorated by and they did a fantastic job, just look at the picture.

For me, as always, the star of the show has to be Dave, A Mitton Hall Wedding somehow doesn’t quite feel the same without him, Dave is the guy you turn to for any help on the evening, he runs the room, ensures everything goes to plan and he is a toastmaster extraordinaire.

Guests were upstanding for the entrance into the room of the New Mr & Mrs Dobson, I set the tone by playing Frank Sinatra’s “Love & Marriage”, always one to give people a smile is that, on this occasion however everyone started singing along to it. Something inside me told me then, this is going to one of those nights!

I had a request to sing an Andy Williams track and to dedicate it to ‘Tarzan & Jane’ – a couple of Rachel & Macolm’s guests, which I did willingly and with a smile, but for me my best moment of the evening was the room’s rendition of “Mr Blue Sky” right before the starters were brought out. Everyone was singing and midway through Dave arrived to serve 3 starters, but couldn’t hear anything above the crescendo. His face was a picture, one of amazement and disbelief and I didn’t know whether to smile at him or run for cover, even the bride was giving it some, I loved that!

I managed to calm things down a little during the starters but the requests kept coming in and as it turned out I was situated right next to the noisy crowd, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!There really were so many great moments during the evening, from the entrance song right through to the ladies rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA, but this is a blog and not a book so I shall leave it there, let’s just say most of the guests walked in and staggered out!

The most important part of the evening for me is always the reaction from the bride and groom, as long as they are happy to me that’s all that really matters, and I think it’s safe to say Malcolm & Rachel, the new Mr & Mrs Dobson thoroughly enjoyed themselves.