Planning a Hen Do

As a bride to be, the two most exciting things to decide on when the wedding planning starts is the Hen Do and the dress!

Your friends will all be excited about the hen do and organising it doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you want to squeeze a lot of different activities into one day.  There are plenty of companies around nowadays who offer complete packages for hen celebrations. You can pick and choose exactly what you would like included in the package ranging from activities, meals, bars, nightclubs, transport and even accommodation.  You just deal with the package company and they do all the hard work of dealing with all the different suppliers and book everything for you.  The chances are you will end up paying less than if you would have booked everything separately as these companies normally arrange special deals with their regular suppliers and can offer the discount onto you.  This is also an excellent option to prevent the would-be-organiser from losing money, which can often happen when things get booked and paid for by in advance by one person, then when you try and collect the money off everyone, people start pulling out and the organiser ends up out of pocket.  Most of these package companies allow each member of your group to create their own account linked to your hen celebrations and they can pay off their portion of the balance as and when.

So what would you like to do? It’s great to get suggestions from the friends and family who will be celebrating with you, but remember it’s your day and a great opportunity for you to spend it doing exactly what you want.  You can choose from so many fun activities: for the more adventurous bunch why not give white water rafting a go, or what about sliding down an indoor ski slope on a rubber ring? (Believe me, both options are a lot of fun and will involve many belly laughs). Or if you prefer a more relaxing time spent with your nearest and dearest girlfriends, there are lots of lovely spas in the Lancashire area and enjoying afternoon tea to top it off is heaven for many.

You can always rely on good friends to bring some fun to the table and a bit of research will provide many ideas for brilliant games and quizzes (both ‘Grandma-friendly’ and ‘Over 18’s Only’ will be readily available.). If the maid of honour is feeling particularly generous she could even organise party bags which could include dares for the evening’s entertainment and a hangover kit for the morning after!

Most Hen do’s will involve lots of singing and dancing to finish off the celebrations and there is bound to be one particularly song which brings you all together on the night – so when it comes to your wedding day my top tip is to tell your DJ or Wedding Singer what this song is – make sure they know the meaning of the song to you and your friends.  It will be great for them to pick an optimum point at your evening wedding reception to play the song – this will bring back great memories for you and your friends and you can recreate the good times from your hen do at your wedding reception.