Stirk House Hotel, Clitheroe Chamber of Trade Ball 2013

I cant believe how quickly time flies, it doesnt seem 2 minutes since I sang at the Stirk House Hotel at the last Chamber of Trade Ball, the same evening I met David Gest and Chesney from Coronation Street, aka Sam Brown.

Well I found myself at the Stirk House Hotel again this year and what a great night it was.

The evening started off with a drinks reception, guests were greeted by Jo & Kelly and family from Amelias Bridal Wear whilst in the background I played some classic Buble tunes to create a lovely chilled atmosphere.

Before we knew it, it was time to take our seats and await the speaches, from my point of view I was as always anxious to get some singing done as thats what I’m there for and its what I do best.

Once the speeches had concluded and the starters were on the tables I took my cue and set to work singing some classic swing tracks and setting the tone for the evening.

Believe me when I say from previous experience the attendees at this ball really know how to let there hair down and party and this year was no different. Once the meal had concluded and before the raffle I already had people on the dance floor ready to boogie, however the raffle is an improtant part of the evening as the proceeds raised as with everything at the ball goes to a worthwhile cause.

We partied until the early hours of the morning and whilst I was there to witness everyone walk in at the beginning of the evening I was also there to witness most of them stagger out after having a great night, once again it was my pleasure to sing at the Ball and perform at the Stirk House Hotel.