The Albert Hotel, Bowness on Windemere, Cumbria

This evening sees me return to a place that I love, The Albert Hotel in Windermere, Cumbria, on and off I have been singing here for 10 years and it’s a lovely venue to sing at, recently refurbished it has a lovely homely atmosphere, yet come 10pm on a Friday night and when I’m singing there it’s most definitely party time, the thing about playing in these lovely idyllic tourist destinations is that everyone is always up for a party and that for me is all I need to give people a good night, cant wait to get cracking!

I must remember on the way up I have to visit a millionaire’s mansion, to organise a gig for my band Made in England…Thought I’d throw that teaser in there for you…haha, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing have a great weekend!!