Try Before you Buy!

It sounds a little strange to use this phrase when you are planning your big ‘do’, as no-one wants a second hand dress, garter or tiara and would baulk at using someone else’s flowers, decorations and ribbons to embellish the reception room as this would look especially cheap and tacky. Even if you are on a tight budget you still want to splash the cash when organising your nuptials, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push the boat out and show that special someone that you really do care. No-one wants to marry a stingy, miserly individual so even if it means saving all of your cash for a single, momentous occasion then you have to make allowances just this once.

A wedding fair is the ideal place for a wedding singer in Manchester to showcase their skills and entertain the masses as best they can. Each and every wedding singer in Manchester in the region wants the public to see how flexible and diverse their vocal range is and witness first hand their incredible knack for taking to the stage and putting on a flawless, faultless performance. Charisma and charm should most certainly be the order of the day when you are looking for the finest wedding singer in Lancashire on the market and you should always consider their ability to seamlessly move through genres without missing a note as they should always strive to cater for different tastes.

From Michael Buble to Frank Sinatra; Dean Martin to the legendary Andy Williams; Wayne Farrow more than does justice to the greatest swing singers of all time and will blow you away with his silky-smooth, dulcet tones and suave, stylish appearance. No one will be able to criticise this professional, hard-working wedding singer in Lancashire, as he is a talented musical virtuoso with an extensive repertoire of material under his belt. A wedding singer in the North West has to possess all of the qualities, which the finest crooners of our time have in abundance and ooze magnetism and allure; and Wayne fits the bill perfectly.

Why not head on down to the Wedding Entertainment Showcase at the AJ Bell Stadium in Eccles on the 31st January and see the master in action? It presents the ideal opportunity for you to take a sneaky peek at what he can do to make your special day even more magical and memorable. If you need to have a chat with him directly then just give him a call today on 07818 088 865 or alternatively drop him a quick email at