Unplugged Wedding

Reasons to have an unplugged wedding

I have been performing at more and more weddings recently where there has been a social media ban as requested by the bride and groom. This is a subject that probably wouldn’t cross your mind until the actual day when a realisation may occur that actually you don’t want all your evening only guests seeing your dress and the room décor plastered all over Facebook before they’ve even arrived at your reception. But your guests and their mobile phones could present a real issue at your wedding. Think of this – you’re walking down the aisle, it’s your big moment, your expensive photographer is trying to capture the emotion of your entrance….then 4 or 5 eager guests step out from the pews holding their Selfie sticks and phones aloft and block the shot!

Next you get to your wedding breakfast and instead of your guests coming together getting to know each other around their tables and enjoying the speeches, everyone’s heads are down on their phones posting to Instagram, checking in on Facebook and turning into a dog on Snapchat.

So if you want an ‘unplugged’ wedding, how do you go about it without offend your guests? One of my recent brides purposefully booked a venue in a village where there was no WiFi and no phone signal and this seemed to do the trick! However there aren’t many places like this, so what else can you do? You could put a nice request on you invites letting guests know that whilst you’re happy for them to take pictures and videos, you politely request to not post them until the following day. Another option is to have some quirky signs displayed on the day.

The ‘off the cuff’ shots that your guests do capture on the day could be beautiful and capture moments that even your photographer hasn’t seen, so you could even create a wedding hashtag which would mean you and your new spouse can gather all the guests photos that have been shared on social media after your big day easily into one album.

So in conclusion, in the great plethora of wedding organising it’s just something to think about that may not have crossed your mind.