Wayne Farrow entertains Blackpool in the stylish Hilton Hotel!

2013 has been a huge year for me and I’ve just been relishing all of these fantastic opportunities that I have been given! Last Friday I had a gig at the illustrious Hilton Hotel in Blackpool and it was quite a night with all the guests at the Ntertain Wedding Showcase.  The entire night was a major success. There were a total of 8 acts on stage, 1 being myself of course and although it sounds very X Factor like, it wasn’t. There was more class involved! I came on stage as the opening act, which was a great and something I relished, I did my 20 minute slot singing songs like Cry me a river & Mr Blue Sky and received a great reception, which is just what I wanted. A great way to kick off proceedings.

The evening reception was phenomenal too! I met a whole variety of new and different people who seemed to be very polite and better still great folk, everyone was on their feet, literally everyone! So it was really nice to see everyone getting along, as if they were all best mates! The guests seemed to really enjoy what I did and this just reinforced my passion for being a great wedding singer. So the moral of this event was to provide Brides & Grooms with an opportunity to see their entertainment before they booked it and I personally think the evening certainly did that.

I also received a booking on the night which I couldn’t have been happier about and the bookings seem to be flying in at the moment, as I’m already taking bookings for 2016! Talented wedding singer in Manchester are hard to come by, so if you’re getting married, pick up the phone and snap me up quick!

Wedding Singer in Manchester

Wayne Farrow