Wedding Entertainment

I recently advertised in a wedding magazine and when publication time came I eagerly looked for my double page spread....

Wedding Entertainment – the last thing on your list?

Have you considered your wedding entertainment yet?

Wedding Magazines

I recently advertised in a wedding magazine and when publication time came I eagerly looked for my double page spread and featured article only to find after I had flicked through pages and pages of dresses, several real life weddings, cake features, flower photographs, venue promotions and room dressing articles that ten minutes had passed before I finally reached the entertainment section right at the back. This surprised me, and it also coincided with yet another couple desperate to book me but I sadly had to tell them that I was already booked – their wedding was in 2 months’ time!

Wedding Planning

This got me thinking – why do people leave their wedding entertainment to the last minute? Why is it not higher up the list in their wedding planning process? And the answer I came to is this – couples don’t realise how important the wedding entertainment is or how it can make or break a wedding until they are actually experiencing it on the day – and they will either be lucky and feel bowled over, or completely underwhelmed and regretful that they didn’t place more importance on their choice of wedding entertainment. The last thing you want is a room full of guests eager to enjoy themselves yet stuck in a flat atmosphere created by mediocre entertainment.

Cloning Wedding Singers?

The thing with flowers, cakes, invitations, rings and dresses is these can all be duplicated – it doesn’t matter if your chosen supplier for these items has other weddings on the same day as yours – they will still be able to provide you with the goods you have carefully chosen. But wedding singers, bands, magicians, sax players, DJs – they can’t be cloned; they can’t attend two weddings on the same day. I have bookings in the diary for 2018, 2019 and even a few for 2020! You know yourself if you’ve got a group of friends who have who are at that ‘getting married’ stage that there tends to be a wedding season and during the summer months you can be invited to several weddings all around the same time, sometimes on the same day. I get so many enquiries where I have to say “No, sorry, I’m already booked for that date”. So get in there first, do your research early and when you find the one you want – get them booked! If they are any good then they will surely have a limited number of dates available so the earlier you get in touch, the better.