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Wedding Shoes

The Wedding Shoe Blog – guest written by my Girlfreind (because what do I know about shoes)

Every girl loves a good pair of shoes, and when it comes to getting married it’s the perfect

opportunity to become enthralled with choosing the most amazing pair of heels you’ve ever owned –

think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and her obsessional hunt for the perfect pair of Manolo

Blahniks. So when you’re on your hunt, there are a few things to consider. High heels make us feel

amazing, glamourous and lady-like, but we are also all aware of the pain they can inflict after a few

hours on our feet, so if you do decide you can’t be a bride without the highest of heels – good luck,

and make sure you protect your feet with some gel pads. However if you decide you would rather

not have to endure the discomfort on your wedding day you have lots of options – a break from

tradition is ok. There are plenty of beautiful mid-heeled shoes for you to choose from that will still

make you feel glamourous and won’t give you the pain that a day in high heels would. If you want to

be truly comfortable though what about trainers? Some of you may think I’m a crazy person to be

even suggesting such a choice of footwear for a wedding…..but you will be wearing the most

beautiful gown you’ve ever owned, you will have stunning hair, perfect make up and already feel like

a princess…really, who’s going to even notice your shoes? So what trainers should you go for?

Depending on your style and personality you could go colourful and quirky or diamonds and

glamour. Imagine a pair of bright red converse peeping out from beneath ivory lace to inject a bit of

humour and personality to your outfit. Or you could get all crafty with a glue gun and crystals and

completely bling up some white high tops – covering them completely to create shimmery twinkles

emerging from underneath your dress, or you could personalise them with your initials. So it’s time

to get creative and it’s ok not to stay with what tradition dictates – I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw would

agree 😉

Wedding Shoe

Image courtesy of Benfield Photography