Wedding Singer Lancashire Wayne Farrow with Mr & Mrs Shanks at Best Western Higher Trapp

It was my pleasure to perform for Gareth & Keeley at The Best Western Higher Trapp Hotel.
We met at my home prior to the day and with a cheeky look on their faces they asked me to perform a One Direction song for their first dance, I had a laugh about it with them before I realised that they were actually serious!

As it happens the song was great to sing and on the day it went without a hitch.

The evening reception was certainly a lively affair and the dance floor was filled most of the night, some memorable and strange requests found their way onto my desk and I accomodated them where I could, I did have to laugh though when one delightful chap reapeatedly asked me for any tracks by The Stone Roses, when I obliged however he was far too tipsy to realise that I was actually playing a song by them, at least a minute went by before he jumped into action in the middle of the dance floor.

We also had the pleasure of Rob using his unique dance style to bring life to Bille Jean by Michael Jackson, and we were kept entertained towards the end of the evening by the die hard dancers amongst the guests making the most of the props provided by Keeley and Gareth for photo opportunities, including pirate hats, inflatable guitars and scream masks – very surreal!

All in all a great evening and it was a pleasure to be told by the bride how much she and all her guests felt I had helped to make their night a fantastic one. Good luck for your future together Keeley & Gareth.